Getting Help

How to ask for help with PHD2

So, you have read the Troubleshooting section of the PHD2 help, and gone through What to do When PHD Guiding isn’t Push Here Dummy and you still haven’t been able to resolve your guiding problem?

The next step is to ask for help in the open-phd-guiding Google group.  This is the primary forum for PHD2, and it is the best place to post a question about PHD2, report a bug, make a feature request, or to ask questions about troubleshooting your guiding performance.

When asking for help with a guiding problem, please provide a link to your Guide Log. The guide log can be found in the PHD2 folder of your Documents folder, and is named PHD2_GuideLog_<date_time>.txt.

If you are asking about an equipment connection problem or reporting a bug in PHD2 you should include your  Debug Log:  PHD2_DebugLog_<date_time>.txt in the PHD2 folder in your Documents folder.

You can include your log file as an attachment to your post, or you can use a file sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive (or any similar service), and provide a link to your log file in your message to the group.  Please do not copy and paste a fragment of your log file into your post as we do need to see the whole log file.

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